U23 Championships

World Class Programme U23 British Championships

This unique showjumping Championship series sees six qualifying competitions take place throughout the year, culminating in up to twenty-four riders progressing to the Championship Final, which takes place at Olympia, The London International Horse Show in December. The competition attracts some of the brightest young names in British showjumping and has been designed as a stepping stone to give riders experience of competing in an international arena.

Past winners

2016 Top 8:

Read the full report from the 2016 final via our news pages

  1. Jessica Mendoza with War Architect, owned by Julia Hammond and Sarah Mendoza
  2. Jack Whitaker with Grade A Valentin R, owned by Emilie Machon & Michael Potter
  3. Yazmin Davis with Zilvester II, owned Alison Davis
  4. Graham Gillespie with Celine
  5. Millie Allen with Balou Star, owned by Peter Allen and Udo Oppermann
  6. Heather Larson with Imagine de Muze, owned by Susan Larson
  7. Miles O’Donnell with Borsato, owned by David Platt, Rosalind Platt, Claire O'Donnell and David O'Donnell
  8. Jake Saywell with Cantho Z, owned by Rachel Gascoine
2015 TOP 8:

Read the full report from the 2015 final via our news pages

  1. Chloe Winchester with Avoca Valkyrie, owned by Gillian Winchester
  2. Abbe Burchmore-Eames with Wilandri E owned by Jack Eames
  3. Jessica Mendoza with Wan Architect, owned by Julia Hammond
  4. Harry Charles with Stapleton Mist, owned by John Roberts and Olga White
  5. Millie Allen with Balou Star owned by Peter Allen and Udo Opperman
  6. George Whitaker with Gipsy Boy, owned by Ian Whitaker
  7. Alfie Bradstock with KBIS Caicos, owned by Graham Fletcher and KBIS British Equestrian Insurance
  8. Yasmin Davis with Zilverster II, owned by Alison Davis
2014 tOP 8:

Read the full report from the 2014 final via our news pages

  1. Kerry Brennan (Wellington M, owned by Liane Smith) 
  2. Alfie Bradstock (Caicos, owned by Graham Fletcher) 
  3. Joseph Davison (Vennoot II, owned by Richard Davison) 
  4. Jessica Dimmock (with her own Tinkas Tyson) 
  5. Emily Ward (Witch, owned by Nick Ward and Michael Whitaker) 
  6. Abigail Newbery (Valentino VII, owned by Sharifa Al-Homaizi and Tony Newbery)
  7. Chloe Winchester (Avoca Valkyrie, owned by Gillian Winchester) 
  8. Harry Charles (Murkas Nevada VI, owned by Olga White and Team Murka Ltd)
2013 Top 8:

Read the full report from the 2013 final via the British Showjumping news pages

  1. Jess Dimmock (Capello II, owned by rider)
  2. Scarlett Ward (Milena 8, owned by Peter Ward and Jill Willows)
  3. Jessica Mendoza (Spirit T, owned by Sarah Mendoza)
  4. Emma O’Dwyer (Miss Tonic, owned by Vina Buller and Joanne O’Dwyer)
  5. Jessie Drea (Touchable, owned by Lynne Humphries)
  6. Carian Scudamore (Larino 0087, owned by Nigel Scudamore)
  7. Chloe Aston (Kolibri Classic, owned by rider)
  8. Ben Walker (Victory VI, owned by Di Cornish)