Olympic & Paralympic Disciplines Para-Equestrian Dressage

Rider Natasha Baker MBE

D.O.B December 1989

Lives Middlesex

Personal Website www.natasha-baker.com

Natasha Baker MBE Biography

Natasha has been surrounded by horses all her life and began riding at her local RDA (South Bucks). After watching the Paralympic Games on TV in 2000, she announced to her parents that that was what she wanted to do. Natasha achieved her goal in 2012, when she competed at the London Paralympic Games, winning double individual gold (grade II).

Natasha made her senior Championship debut in 2011, when she represented Great Britain as an individual at the European Championships. After producing two great tests, Natasha returned with two individual gold medals. 2012 saw Natasha repeat her 2011 success, winnning two Individual gold medals in the Grade II at the London 2012 Paralympic Games; she was awarded an MBE at the end of that year in the 2012 New Year Honours list.

The 2013 European Championships was Natasha's first Championship team appearance for GB, as well as being part of the gold medal winning team, she also returned from Herning with two Individual gold medals from the Grade II event. 


Grade II


Natasha has transverse myelitis (inflammation of a section across the spine), which she contracted when she was 14 months old and the nerve damage is permanent, leaving Natasha with a severe weakness and the inability to feel her legs.

She uses a stick to walk short distances and her electric scooter, bright pink and named Jordan, for longer distances.

Championship history

2013 European Championships: Team Gold, Individual & Freestyle Gold (II) (Cabral)
2012 Paralympic Games: Individual and Freestyle Gold (II) (Cabral)
2011 European Championships: Individual and Freestyle Gold (II) (Cabral)
2010 World Equestrian Games - Reserve (Cabral)