Official Suppliers

supplying the British equestrian teams

British Equestrian Teams and Team GBR are extremely grateful for the support we enjoy from our sponsors and suppliers. Providing 365 day support to the World Class Programme, not only during a championship but throughout the season, we are indebted to the contribution made by our suppliers in order to best prepare the British teams.

Official vehicle supplier

Equestrian pursuits test skill, bravery, power and partnerships. Land Rover has supported world class competitions and riders for decades; their support of Team GBR is part of their commitment to backing homegrown riders competing at the highest level.



Official Supplier of casual clothing

This year sees the 10 year anniversary of Toggi’s association with the British Equestrian Federation and of our support of Equestrian Team GBR. After the first pieces of Toggi Team GBR kit made their way into the wardrobes of Britain’s most talented equestrian athletes and their support teams in 2006, Toggi Team GBR clothing has since partnered British equestrian team members who have represented our nation so successfully at equestrian events around the globe.