Joanna Attenborough

Joanna Attenborough   Joanna Attenborough
Rider Joanna Attenborough
D.O.B Feb 1967
Lives Belgium

Cosimo and Domingo VD Stuyver are both owned by Joanna Attenborough and Charly 1251 is owned by Bryan and Barbara Charlesworth.

Joanna Attenborough


Joanna will be competing at this year’s World Championships as an individual driver.

She is based in Zomergem, Belgium but she is the Director of a UK company.

Jo won Individual Silver at Saumur in 2013 and has represented GBR in World Pairs in both Kecskemét, Hungary in 2009 and Topolcianky, Slovakia in 2013.

Jo drives Cosimo, who has been her main horse in all three phases since 2010, Domingo VD Stuyver who competed in World Pairs 2013 and World Singles 2016 and Charly 1251 who is a 15 year-old Grey German sports Gelding.