John Whitaker MBE
Rider John Whitaker MBE
D.O.B Aug 1955
Lives West Yorkshire


John Whitaker MBE


John was 18 when he first partnered Ryans Son, a partnership which lasted 14 years during which time the combination won three Olympic silver medals. John’s most famous partner, Milton, gave him his first major win in 1986 out at the Grand Prix in Spruce Meadows; the combination went on to win six medals for Great Britain before the horse was retired in 1994.

Having last represented Great Britain on a championship team with Peppermill in 2011, John will be competing Olympic debutant Ornellaia at Rio, at what will be the rider’s sixth Olympic Games (not counting the Alternative Games in 1980). The combination have produced some superb results throughout the 2016 season, including a recent fourth place finish out in Monaco on the Global Champions Tour, a second place finish out in Belgium and were part of the winning team in Rome at the Furusiyya Nations Cup.

John lives with his wife Clare in West Yorkshire; they have three children, Louise, Robert and Joanne.


2011 European Championships: Team Bronze (Peppermill)
2008 Olympic Games (Peppermill)
2007 European Championships: Team Bronze (Peppermill)
2006 World Equestrian Games (Peppermill)
2005 European Championships: 6th Individually
2000 Olympic Games
1998 World Equestrian Games: Team Bronze
1997 European Championships: Team Bronze
1996 Olympic Games
1995 European Championships: Team Silver
1993 European Championships: Team Silver
1992 Olympic Games: 14th Individually
1991 European Championships: Team Silver
1990 World Equestrian Games: Team Bronze and Individual Silver
1986 World Equestrian Games: Team Silver
1984 Olympic Games: Team Silver
1982 World Equestrian Games: Team Bronze
1980 Olympic Games (Alternative): Team Silver and Individual Silver