Selection for the World Class Programme


Selection for the World Class Podium Programme is based on past and present results combined with the rider's potential to contribute to team success at major senior championships.

The squads are selected following discussions between the Discipline Selectors, World Class Performance Managers and the equestrian Performance Director. Athletes are reviewed on a six monthly basis, when targets, support provided and funding available are agreed.

Podium Potential

Podium Potential is designed to optimise long term Great Britain podium success on the world stage through the identification and development of potential world class combinations. It underpins Podium which supports elite preparation and performance at senior international levels.

Selection is on a two yearly basis. It is possible that an athlete can be taken onto the Programme during the two year cycle if they are identified as excelling in their performance when measured against the programme’s minimum performance standards. Athletes can also be removed from the programme if their agreed performance targets are not being achieved.

Podium Potential Pathway

Podium Potential Pathway aims to identify, support and develop athletes who demonstrate the potential to progress to Podium Potential in the future by developing the foundation skills required for future performance.

Selection to the squads takes place every two years; once selected an athlete can only be on the programme for a maximum of four years, subject to re-selection.


12.04.2018: The selection policy for the 2019-2021 squads is now live; to view the selection policies, please click here


World Class Programme Selection FAQ