Caroline Griffith joined the World Class Programme team in 2003, and was appointed dressage Performance Manager last year. We caught up with her to find out more about what her role entails.

“The priority for any performance manager is to really understand the requirement from your athletes, and their home teams including their owners, in order to shape the support available from the World Class performance team and practitioners individually.

“Our role is to help to create the right environment to enable the athlete to feel confident to perform at their best.”

“Unlike some of the other squads we don’t have a specific ‘squad training’, which sees all the programme athletes come together at a venue for a set number of days, to train and to see a range of practitioners (which may include the nutritionist, sports psychologist and veterinary team). In dressage there is a greater focus relevant practitioners going out specifically to riders yards and attending competitions to inform the bigger picture of contributors which may enhance each rider’s individual performance towards potential medal winning scores. We look at both the human and equine athlete and the interaction between the two as a combination.

“Across the disciplines, the Programme team works very closely with the athlete’s home teams – the team vets will speak to the home vets etc. – to ensure that everyone’s aligned and that we’re all working towards the same common goal, whatever that may be for that specific athlete/horse combination.

“We are a very close support team in competition which is fab – Andre, Rachel, Ash and Andrew, the core ESSM and HSSM team in dressage, are really important to the riders, and they know that they’re working with and for them.

“I feel very proud of them [all the athletes] when all the pieces of the jigsaw come together and they do well, and achieve their goals. It’s the greatest feeling.”

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