Yesterday was another busy day as we finished our final preparations in the stables, focusing very much on the arrival of the horses and the grooms. 

We saw the first exit of horses this afternoon – to great cheers! These were endurance and reining horses from other National Federations
(NFs) who arrived on Sunday afternoon. I saw them all later doing light walk exercise in their allocated 
arenas.Our endurance and reining horses spent their first full day in quarantine yesterday and will be released this afternoon. We also received the dressage horses yesterday who have now gone into quarantine and, as previously reported, they will stay there for 42 hours and so they should be released from quarantine on Thursday afternoon.  

There were more arrivals later in the afternoon as the eventing grooms touched down in Charlotte and they are now ready for the arrival of their horses this afternoon. After a site orientation yesterday I left them to enjoy a relaxing evening ahead of another busy day! 

Our daily Chef De Mission meeting demonstrated further improvements in the communication and coordination within the Organising Committee. Sabrina Ibanez – the Secretary General of the FEI, spoke at today’s meeting and underlined the importance of NFs working closely with the Organising Committee (OC) in order to deliver a successful championships. Priority number one for everyone remains the health and welfare of the horses. We have been and will continue to work closely with the OC in order to ensure that we can achieve the best conditions for our teams as they gradually start to assemble in Tryon.

It is true that much of the venue still resembles a building site however the key items are already in place – excellent stabling and training facilities for all the horses. The Stewards have today issued their first training schedules for Wednesday and these will be issued every afternoon for the following day. Each discipline also has a discipline office where the discipline manager is based. It will be key for the Chef D’Equipes to develop a good working relationship with all these managers and their staff in order to maximize on the help and support they can obtain.

Priorities for today are smooth exit for endurance and reining horses out of quarantine, ensuring the dressage horses are comfortable on their first full day there and a good transition for the eventing horses arriving from Liege into quarantine.

We keep on rolling!