Endurance horses worked on the training loop. Two horses based in the US arrived this morning into  Barn 7 (their stables for the Games), thus the team is now complete and starting preparation for their competition on the 12 September.

Dressage horses worked in the training arenas today close to their stables, and the eventers went for a long hack on the gallop track this morning.

The reining horses worked lightly in the Indoor arena. They moved yesterday into their new indoor stabling, attached to the newly built venue – they are lovely stables although a little warm compared to the other barns.

The para-dressage horses and vaulting horse arrive tomorrow (Sunday) and will go directly into quarantine for 42 hours.

This evening the para grooms arrived. Tomorrow evening the reining Chef, para athletes, owners hosts (Alex and Tina) and some of our owners will arrive. 

The buggy (who has been named buggy McBug face!!) was flat out all day firstly transferring grooms from their RV to the stables and thereafter moving kit and people around. The onsite shuttle service is starting to work so that people can get around the site easily without lots of walking in the heat and humidity.

So we now have a full complement for dressage, eventing, endurance and reining – and await the arrival of their owners soon.

Another very hot and humid day here today! There is talk of a storm that has been affecting the South East Coast will impact here next Wednesday – albeit it will be much less strong if/when it does!

Tuesday’s Opening Ceremony planning is just starting to get underway. More to follow.