The dressage horses left quarantine this afternoon. All looking healthy and strong. I checked on them later in their stables and they were all very calm and relaxed under the careful supervision of their grooms. The grooms, as I have stated before, are a key part of our performance and so it is important that we give them as much support as possible. The eventing horses will leave tomorrow afternoon and reports from Team Vet, Liz Brown are that they are all in good form.

The endurance horses went out onto the training trail today and are both in good form. The reining horse is settling in well and he moved together with all the other reining horses this afternoon into the indoor stables attached to the amazing new Indoor School.

This evening the Dressage Riders arrived after a long and delayed flight. On the same flight was Dickie Waygood – the Eventing Chef D’Equipe. All will be heading off early to the venue tomorrow morning.

The issues with the grooms accommodation are settling down – it is official that we have created a record for the number of grooms we can accommodate into one of the onsite log cabins – at least they are comfortable and close to their charges! We were very excited to take delivery of our first golf buggy this afternoon – especially important since this morning vehicles are no longer able to enter. Anyone coming to WEG needs to be prepared for lots of walking – the difficulty of which is exacerbated by the extreme heat and humidity. Come prepared with lightweight clothing and good walking shoes!!

Finally I have never seen so much tarmac laid in one day! The workers were laying it everywhere – in order to accommodate all the accredited vehicles on site tomorrow morning!