We all know that before we check-in for a flight, you have to make sure you know the hand-luggage and hold-luggage limitations – is it 35 x 20 or 56 x 45cm – and how many pieces you can have with you? The same applies to horse flights…

The flight bag

Yes! All horses (grooms) will take a flight bag with them on their flight. These bags have to include all their feed for the flight, and for the quarantine period thereafter, their hay nets, a simple grooming bag and a travel rug. For some horses, their cuddly friend may also travel with them.

One suitcase or two?

All the trunks travel as air freight on the horse flights. The WEG horses can take two suitcases, one big trunk (illustrated below) and one small case which is 600 x 500 x 310mm. 

All the horses’ equipment and tack must fit in these trunks. What could that include? Well, anything from multiple saddles and bridles, to boots, competition bandages, grooming kits, plaiting kits, riding hats, all their FALPRO England rugs and saddlepads – for WEG, the majority of our horses will all receive white and blue saddlepads, a rain sheet, presentation rug, Airmax Cooler. Our eventing athletes also need to pack their Point Two air jackets and body protectors in their trunks.


Ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics, we spoke to Claire Hinton, who works with Spencer Wilton and Super Nova II to get the inside scoop on what was travelling out as part of Neville’s luggage for the Games.