Our endurance and reining horses left quarantine yesterday afternoon to great applause. They were looked after by their grooms for the 42 hours that they were there and their condition on exiting was excellent notwithstanding the heat and lack of exercise. They are now well settled into their stables which will be home for them now until they leave.

The dressage horses will leave quarantine today and the eventing horses arrived yesterday afternoon after a good flight.

The Stewards office have started issuing daily orders for training arena availability so that the horses coming out of quarantine know exactly where and when they can train. Fortunately at Tryon there is no shortage of arenas and so access is largely unlimited.

At the Chef De Mission meeting there were further discussions about the grooms accommodation which is a challenge that is being tackled and we have contingency plans to ensure that all of our grooms are well looked after and this able to take the best care possible of their charges.

In the evening we had the first of the Sports Science and Medicine Staff arrive – the all-important physios for the horses and athletes.

Today we have the dressage riders arriving – Charlotte, Carl, Emile and Spencer. Hopefully they will have a good flight and no doubt will want to get to the venue to see their horses shortly after they come out of quarantine.

Yesterday was the first day that everyone entering the venue required accreditation and from Friday there will be no vehicles onsite – so we are trying to get all the equipment moved to the stables to make life better for all athletes, grooms and support staff during their stay in Tryon.