Endurance horses worked on the training loop again today, whilst dressage, eventers and reining athletes schooled in their allocated arenas.

The para-dressage horses and the vaulting horse, Demezza, aka Harry, arrived today – they had a good flight and good road trip into quarantine. The transition into quarantine is as expected working very smoothly now that most of the horses have arrived. Fortunately for both disciplines they don’t have far to go when they come out of quarantine on Tuesday.

The para-dressage team moved barns this morning since the vaulting horses need to be closer to the indoor barn. Reining and vaulting will be taking place Indoors in the amazing new purpose built arena (see picture).

The para-dressage athletes arrived this evening as well, as did Alex van Tuyll and Tina Goosen who are going to be looking after our all-important owners while they are here. I gather they had a bit of a bumpy flight coming into Charlotte!

More dressage and eventing owners are arriving tomorrow (Monday) evening; we will have completed a good orientation exercise with Alex and Tina tomorrow so that they are ready to host.

It is still hot and humid here in Tryon. Hurricane ‘Flo’ is progressing towards Bermuda and the National Weather Service are providing updates to the Organising Committee (OC) multiple times a day. We were informed today that we will not be clearer about the impact of ‘Flo’ until tomorrow evening/Tuesday morning, but we are being kept very well briefed.

Buggy Mc Bugface has now been pimped and has his own registration plate (MCBUG1) and is recognisable from the mass of union flags adorning him. You won't be able to miss him! 

Tuesday is Horse Inspection day for endurance, dressage and reining.