A quick update on day 7 from WEG; the dressage horses are all fit and well after their first day out from quarantine.

Eventing horses were freed today from quarantine and look fit and well; they enjoyed a hand walk in one of the many arenas available today. Their riders arrived this evening and had a tour of the venue with Dickie and Chris.

Endurance horses continue to work on the Training Trail / Loop. Theirs will be the first competition next Wednesday; Liz the Chef d'Equipe, the vet and farrier all arrived today.

On the grooms accommodation front we have a good plan in place now which ensures that all our grooms have somewhere comfortable to sleep and have ready access to their horses. The stables are all closed from 10pm – 5am, but as usual the horses are checked during the night by the stewards. If there are any concerns then the emergency numbers on the horses' stable card are called (this would be the groom and vet).

The challenging start to the day was that our golf buggy was 'mislaid'; we had lent the buggy in order to ensure our endurance horses had their additional haylage delivery last night – which didn’t arrive until this morning (Friday). We put out an APB immediately to all the Chef de Missions' stating that '400 Blue' (number and colour of buggy) had been mislaid – who then alerted security and the stewards. The buggy (name to be confirmed) turned up at 2pm at the lodging office being driven by two electricians! It sounds petty but those who are visiting next week, in the heat, will appreciate the importance of us having a buggy to transfer kit around. 

It's great to have most of the British horses and riders here now for the first week of competition. The next horse arrivals are our para-dressage horses and vaulting horse who arrive on Sunday.