Endurance had their Horse Inspection this afternoon. Unfortunately they had to withdraw Sykes since he had got an abscess in his foot just after arrival and they have not been able to clear it despite hours of work by the whole team. The endurance team of Caroline, Nicola and Dominique, start tomorrow morning bright and early at 6.30am! We wish the team luck. I will be at the vet gate rooting for them. Based on the maps provided and the photos of the course its going to be an excellent competition.

Eventers did some schooling over fences and then went for a hack. They have their Horse Inspection tomorrow at 3pm.  The course is open for walking at 8ish!

Dressage – all passed the Horse Inspection and thereafter did arena familiarisation. First part of the Team competition tomorrow. Good luck to one and all. They were looking formidable in their work today.

Reining – both passed the Horse Inspection this morning (AKA ‘the Jog’) and did some light work this afternoon. Tomorrow is the Team competition and the first individual qualifying competition for the Individual Final. Good luck to both for tomorrow.

The para-dressage horses and the vaulting horse are fit and well after their time in quarantine. They were freed at 3pm today!

Alex and Tina had a good day with their owners – we have more due in this evening and will hopefully see many of them at the Owners reception back at the team hotel.

‘Flo’ is progressing towards the coast and we are being kept abreast of updates, emergency measures and contingency plans by the OC.