British Eventing hat standards 2016

18th Dec 2015

British Eventing Release

Following the withdrawal of the European Equestrian Riding Helmet standard (BS)EN1384 last year, British Eventing would like to remind Members that 2016 will see the following standards permitted, as taken from the BE Members' Handbook 2016

7.2 Hats

7.2.1 Riding Hat’ is a hat that is designed to provide protection for riders.

7.2.2 ‘Protective Headwear’ is a hat that meets one of the Standards set out below. The labeling must be checked for compliance by an official and the hat then appropriately tagged with a visible current BE ‘hat tag’.

British & European

  • PAS 015*
  • VG1 01.040 2014-12 *

*with BSI Kitemark or Inspec IC Mark


  • ASTM F1163: 2004a onwards with SEI mark
  • Snell 2001 (No other mark is needed with Snell)

Australia & New Zealand

  • AS/NZS 3838 2003 onwards with SAI Global mark

7.2.3 ‘Cross Country Protective Headwear’ is a “Jockey Skull” of an even round or elliptical shape with a smooth or slightly abrasive surface, having no peak, peak type extensions or noticeable protuberances above the eyes or to the front. It must also comply with the ‘Protective Headwear’ criteria and be tagged as set out above. A removable hat cover with a light flexible peak may be used.

7.2.4  Hat Safety

  • Headwear of the appropriate standard must be worn by everyone, whether or not a Competitor, whenever mounted anywhere at a BE Event.
  • Harnesses must always be correctly fastened.
  • Competitors are strongly recommended to check their headwear regularly and to replace it if damaged, or following a fall.