Coaches recognised by BEF

4th Jul 2016

The British Equestrian Federation recognised a number of equestrianism’s emerging coaches on 21 June 2016 following their completion of the Equestrian Elite Coaching Apprenticeship Programme (EECAP).

The Programme, which ran from 1 December 2013 to 30 June 2016, offered training to coaches who had limited coaching experience within a World Class or high performance environment.

The coaches who were recognised on the completion of the three year course are:

-          Sarah Millis

-          Maria Eilberg

-          Dane Rawlins

-          Nick Gauntlett

-          Ros Morgan

-          Gary Parsonage

-          Christie Wright

-          Mark McCourt

-          Matt Lanni

-          Erik MacKechnie

-          Angela Weiss

World Class Eventing Performance Manager, Yogi Breisner, who also leads on World Class Programme Coach Development commented; “Thanks to the BEF World Class Programme’s EECAP, equestrian sports in Britain have now got a group of coaches across the Olympic and Paralympic disciplines that have the skillsets, both technical and personal, and are ready to deliver the highest level of coaching in modern sport.”

Graham Taylor, Head of Coaching at UK Sport, said: "‎It's fantastic to see the BEF supporting their emerging coaches' development in this way, akin to UK Sport's Elite Coaching Apprenticeship Programme. Great coaches are key to our Olympic and Paralympic ambitions and I'm sure that this group will make a real impact on their sport's success in the future.‎"

EECAP follows a traditional apprenticeship model giving coaches the opportunity to work alongside and receive training from World Class Programme coaches, whilst also participating in a number of workshops where coaches are asked to look at wider communication and management skills, as well as their own individual development.

As part of the course, supported by coaches within the sport, EECAP coaches have been able to focus on specific skill development including equine and human sports science and medicine, coaching at Championships and Olympic Games, the preparation and planning required for major competitions and the technology and science involved in the sport.