New guide for rider and owner partnerships

2nd Jun 2014

To help owners and riders establish a sound working relationship the Equestrian World Class Programme, in partnership with the Olympic disciplines, has produced a new best practice guide. This Guide has been written to help owners and riders consider how they are going to structure, develop and maintain their partnership.

The document acts as a concise checklist to highlight important factors that should be discussed and agreed as both parties develop a relationship.  As well as detailing common practices the guide also offers considerations around the buying and selling of horses and the business of running horses in competition. The onus is on establishing realistic expectations and responsibilities in the partnership as Performance Director Will Connell describes:

“Owners are a vital part of equestrian sport and we want to help riders

and owners to establish a good working relationship. Too often relationships break down due to a lack of communication and understanding that can then lead to unnecessary anxiety. Equestrian sport is a roller coaster of highs and lows. Unfortunately all horses do not reach their perceived potential; owners and riders should be aware of this and manage expectations accordingly. Producing the guide is a proactive way for us to help riders and owners develop their relationship. Owners who are new to the sport are especially encouraged to read this guide.”

The guide, entitled Advice to Owners and Riders Developing and Maintaining a Successful and Enjoyable Partnership, can be downloaded free of charge from the BEF. 

Click to view: Advice to Owners and Riders Developing and Maintaining a Successful and Enjoyable Partnership