Prize Money Increase Reinforces Focus on Best Condition at Euston Park Endurance Rides

10th Jun 2016

Organisers of the Endurance Rides being hosted at Euston Park, Suffolk this summer have confirmed an increased prize money pot to £54,500 for each of the final three rides– all of which will be awarded to horses on the basis of their condition after finishing the ride.  With the support of Emirates Airline, and with another major sponsor to be announced imminently, the money offers a great incentive to competitors; the top prize in the CEI3* is now £6000.

Following a successful first event on May 28, the next three rides will take place on June 19, July 16 and August 13 and feature 80, 120 [junior and senior] and 160 kilometre courses. They are expected to attract an international field of high calibre riders and horses keen to compete in the impressive Suffolk surroundings that were home to the 2012 World Endurance Championships. The awarding of the prize money is one of a range of measures, including a course designed to keep speeds safe and stringent vettings done to promote welfare sensitive international Endurance rides.

Adhering to the strict rules set out in the FEI’s Best Condition Awards [Article 822] the judging panel (comprising veterinarians and a member of the Ground Jury) assess the top ten finishers within one hour of the winning horse in each class, an hour after the last eligible horse finishes. Points are awarded to horses based on soundness, fitness, agility and willingness. Prizes can be awarded to up to five horses in each class (the total amount is split if less than five horses qualify) and the prize fund for each class is CEI3* - 
£20,000, CEI2*  - £15,000, Young Rider 2* £11,500 and CEI1* £8,000.  

The full prize breakdown is as follows:

1. £6000
       2. £5000
        3. £4000
        4. £3000
        5. £2000

1. £5000
       2. £4000
        3. £3000
        4. £2000
        5. £1000

1. £4000
       2. £3000
        3. £2000
        4. £1500
        5. £1000

1. £3000
       2. £2000
        3. £1500
        4. £1000          
5. £500

Nick Brooks-Ward, Event Director at The HPower Group, said: “ After such a great first event I’m thrilled that we have been able to increase the prize money to this extent. I’m confident that this will be very attractive for competitors and with ALL the money awarded for condition it’s yet another way of ensuring that we put the welfare of the horse front and centre in these rides and it is great for the sport.

Andrew Finding, Chief Executive & Secretary General at British Equestrian Federation, said: “It’s been crucially important from the outset that these rides demonstrate all that is great about the sport of Endurance, and promote the highest levels of horse welfare and protection. We were very pleased with the first ride and this huge boost in prize money awarded for ‘Best Condition’ sends out a clear signal about how seriously this commitment is being taken and should pave the way to the delivery of subsequent rides as vehicles of excellence, showcasing an honourable sport, efficiently and caringly staged.