Statement on Paralympic horse, Cabral

27th Feb 2017

Statement from Natasha Baker:

Cabral, known to friends as “JP”, died suddenly in the morning on Sunday 26 February 2017 having succumbed to a clostridia bacterial infection.

Natasha is understandably devastated and has posted this heartfelt message on her website:

"I’m writing this with a totally broken heart.

"This weekend I suddenly lost my soul mate, my best friend and my dancing partner. After a short illness from a small wound from the field, JP contracted Clostridia bacteria.

"JP was a horse like no other, a true legend. He was discovered by fluke and I instantly knew he was ‘the one’. He made my dreams come true over and over again. We’ve had the best journey together and he has given me memories I will treasure forever. I cannot thank him enough!

"JP gave me his heart and together we took on the world. 11 gold medals, Paralympic records, endless National and International titles, we defied the odds and he gave me absolutely everything he had. He had the kindest soul and his heart was made of gold."

JP was born in 2001 and owned by top international dressage judge, trainer and rider Christian Landolt, as well as Natasha’s parents Phil and Lorraine Baker. Natasha started working with JP in 2009. Together they formed a magical partnership, winning almost everything they entered including five European Championship gold medals, a gold and silver World Championship medal and five Paralympic gold medals, not to mention two Paralympic records in front of their home crowd at London 2012!

Last Wednesday, 22February, JP was put out to graze as normal in his field on Natasha’s parents farm. He sustained a small cut, the vet was called and JP was monitored closely. Although he seemed to be improving, on Saturday he took a turn for the worse. He was taken into the clinic and found to have contracted clostridia bacterial infection, which proved to be fatal.