What's on this weekend?

1st Jul 2016

CSI3* Arnem, Belgium:

Website: http://www.outdoorgelderland.nl/

Live: http://www.clipmyhorse.de/nl/live

Results: http://results.scgvisual.com/2016/arnhem/

CSI5* Knokke, Belgium:

Website: http://knokkehippique.com/

Live: http://knokkehippique.com/nl/kh-live

Results: http://knokkehippique.com/nl/program-overview/knokke-2016/2016-06-30

CSI5* GCT Paris, France:

Website: https://www.globalchampionstour.com//

Live: https://www.globalchampionstour.com/gct-live/

Results: http://www.longinestiming.com/#!/show-jumping/2016/1199/html/en/longinestiming/index.html

CDI4* Fritzens-Schindlhof, Austria:

Website: http://www.schindlhof.at/?lang=en

Live: http://www.clipmyhorse.de/en/live/channel/8/internationales-dressurturnier-cdi-4-2016

Results: http://www.schindlhof.at/results/?lang=en

CVI3* Rugby, Great Britain:

Website: https://www.evensi.uk/cvi-rugby-onley-grounds-equestrian-centre/172013604

Results: See website or follow British Equestrian Vaulting on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/britishequestrianvaulting/


CDI stands for Concours Dressage International, essentially International Dressage Competition. Each competition is classified 1-5 stars (*), the higher the star rating, the more high profile the competition.

CSI stands for Concours de Saut International and is essentially an international showjumping competiton and as with dressage, the higher the star rating (*), the more prestigous the show.

CVI stands for Concours Vaulting International and this is the event code given for an international vaulting competition. Each competition is classified 1-3 stars, the higher the star rating (*), the more high profile the competition.