Will's Blog: And we're off!

24th Aug 2014


I have been here a week…two to go! Great news; all GBR Dressage, Para-Equestrian Dressage and Reining horses passed their Horse Inspections. Competitions start tomorrow.

More great news; Sarah has set up her last set of stables, until we start to get ready for Week 2! I hope she is now returning from Sartilly, which is an hour plus from Caen and will be home for the Endurance horses.

The Opening Ceremony was as predicted! But enjoyed my many.

One of the “currencies” of this World Equestrian Games has been Car Passes. The official car parks are well signed and well-guarded by security guards; yhe allocation of Car Passes is strictly controlled. However, it would seem that I have “missed a trick” and should have gone “local”. Car Park P12 serves the Reining Venue and is about 300m from the entrance to the stables. To walk from P12 to the Stables you walk around a small roundabout which appears to have become the unofficial P12 ¼ Park & Dump for those “in the know”. I also experienced the local parking practises on the way to the Opening Ceremony; it would seem that if the traffic is stationery you just pull the steering wheel to the right, mount the pavement, front the car up a grass bank, apply handbrake….and leave; makes perfect sense to me!!

As I type the Draw for the Dressage has taken place; we have a late draw and I am sure there will be much analysis about the British following the French and the Germans being drawn first.  However, there are always variable and always things that cannot be controlled – all within the Dressage camp are very focused and at 1029 hours tomorrow, battle commences for the British in D’Ornano Stadium, Normandy.