Will's Blog: Countdown to opening ceremony

23rd Aug 2014

Opening Ceremony Day!! Ok, so I am not a fan of Opening Ceremonies; yes, Bah Humbug. They usually involve a great deal of standing around, all for a quick parade around the arena: Inevitably people forget kit, turn up in the wrong kit, need a pee just as we are about to leave etc etc. They also usually finish late and getting back to the accommodation is often a struggle. And while I am in whinge mode…rehearsing fireworks in the middle of the night near an Olympic Village is not very clever (this was not Caen!).

Of course most people thoroughly enjoy Opening Ceremonies and they are vital for the Organising Committees who take a great deal of pride from them (and a little income!). We are promised a memorable spectacle tonight. So I will be part of the GBR Contingent tonight and promise to try to smile.

BUT, now for far more important NEWS, GBR has won its first medal (well sort of); GBR 2- DEN 0 at table top soccer…go go go the Buthe / Connell pairing.

Today we also unveil our team GBR Beach Chair (modelled by our very own Doc Sally). A number of the seats at the Dressage & Jumping Venue do not have backs to them, so we have brought our own. Leave no stone unturned…back unsupported…or bottom without comfort!

I visited the three Venues in Caen (Dressage, Reining and Para-Equestrian); all are in good heart and all horses are reported to be well. Lunch at the Dressage Venue was very good, so another tick in the box for the organising Committee. Meanwhile Sarah and Kate headed to Haras du Pin to set up the eventing stables which now have rubber matting, bunting, Union flags and have been bedded down. Eventing arrive Monday. The Endurance hierarchy have all arrived in Caen to collect their accreditation and car passes before heading to Sartilly tomorrow.

I am still scratching my head trying to work how to make our transport system work to 100% efficiency. We have a number of very smart, Team GBR branded Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover vehicles, supported by our two minibuses and Team GBR drivers. I need to set the little grey cells to work; and no doubt there will be plenty of time, while we are standing around waiting for the Opening Ceremony, during which said grey cells can leap in to action. Which is about where we started.

Horse Inspections tomorrow.