Will's Blog: Let the unpacking commence

18th Aug 2014

The Team GBR Advance Party has arrived in Caen, unpacked and partaken of red wine, Foie Gras and Tartare de Boeuf. All is well in the world. 

Ok, that is a little bit of an abbreviation. I arrived on Sunday after a leisurely drive via Junction 11 of the M20 (to meet up with Fiona McCormack from Peden to give her a lift to Caen. Peden are the official shippers of WEG and running the stables for, and are long term “friends” of Team GBR – über efficient under the watchful eye of their Great Leader, Martin Atock.

Having unloaded my Land Rover Discovery (Team GBR branded…of course) I checked in to my room in the Mercure. When I say unloaded, I include a full Dinner Service, a box of rather pleasant crystal glass, two Stanley Boxes full of workshop tools and cardboard boxes of clothes, books and personal files: Weird you might think – well there is a reason and all will become clear over the coming days and weeks.

Once unpacked I headed in to town for the aforementioned Foie Gras…using public transport; wow, I am so brave. Well to be precise, I used the Caen Tram which is very efficient, comfortable, cheap and runs from just outside our hotel. Now, I am not a public transport virgin; I did mount a red bus in London once to travel for one end of Kensington High Street to Olympia, The London International Horse Show. Things did not go well as 2/3rds of the way through the journey the bus turned left and headed away from my intended destination. I had a word with the driver of said red bus and asked him to correct his navigational malfunction but no avail. I reverted to Black Cabs.

Monday (today) saw the arrival of the terrible trio. Sarah, Sophie and Debbie in two Land Rover Discoverys (pulling trailers) and one rather spiffing Range Rover. Please do not think Top Gear with three class vehicles zooming down the motorways of France…think Low Gear; yes, we have our very own Captain Slow.

The trailers were re-packed with kit to go to the six, yes 6, yes too many, different stable locations that we need to set up. This included a flatbed trolley, that, like everything else in the office, has been given a name; I hasten to add, NOT by me. 

We have even brought are own gym kit with us. I WILL have the body of an Adonis: Well to be more accurate, I have to work off the Foie Gras, Tartare de Boeuf and red wine; which is where this ramble started……

Tomorrow Sophie will Go Over the Top and attempt to collect all the Team GBR accreditation for the disciplines that compete in Week 1. May the Force be with Her. 

So in the words of the late and very great Robin Williams… “Na-Nu Na-Nu” this is a slightly ageing, calorie munching semi alcoholic signing off.