Will's Blog: Welcome to week 2!

2nd Sep 2014

A quiet day yesterday in comparison to the mayhem of the last ten days. The last eventing horses left early in the morning and the driving horses arrived and set up their camps. They are in a set of stables that we have not used before so become the sixth set of stables for our hard working logistics team to decorate and bed down. The driving stables are also quite difficult to get to so I am not sure how much we will see of them!

No more equine arrivals, all have arrived or left!

We have also had a changeover of drivers; these are the very dedicated and important volunteers that have allowed us to have our own Shuttle Transport system as there is not a WEG operated system fro hotels to the venues. So a big thank you to the Week 1 drivers and welcome to the Week 2 drivers.

The vaulting athletes trained yesterday and Joanne Eccles (current World Champion) carried out some emergency dental work on the Big Boss of Peden. That's Team GBR; helpful, flexible and here to win medals. PS. Joanne is a Dentist!

I managed to catch up on some work and the process of sorting everything out for the journey home started. This WEG has been a long haul but the plan has worked most of the time. There are some very important competitions to come and (I hope) more medals for GBR. Tomorrow will be a marathon and not a Driving Marathon; 153 horses start in the Jumping First Competition, which is a Table C (ie. against the clock with faults being converted in to time added on).  It is going to be a very long day!