BEF survey: your opinion counts

9th Jan 2017

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) has recently embarked on a strategy study to ensure that it has a clear remit and direction over the next four years. The BEF is keen to engage with as broad a range of stakeholders from across the equestrian world as possible to ensure we arrive at a collective approach for the future direction of equestrianism in the UK.

Today the BEF launches a survey, designed to gather information about current perceptions of equestrianism and the motivational factors behind equestrian enthusiasts’ involvement.

Clare Salmon, chief executive at the BEF says; “The UK is very much a nation of horse lovers with a proud equestrian tradition, but we know that there are many misconceptions about equestrianism and that many people are not aware of how they could get involved, whether it is as a rider, volunteer or spectator.

“As the largest spectator sport in the UK after football, and with the heightened popularity of equestrianism following the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we have a huge opportunity to build on this latent potential and grow the appeal of horsey activities. We also recognise that we need to help support equestrian businesses to thrive to achieve a sustainable future for the sector and, through this process of engagement, we hope to understand their needs better.”

Results from the survey will be taken into account as part of a wider piece of work, with workshops involving BEF member bodies currently underway, as well as a Usage and Attitude study due to start in the coming weeks to understand the sport’s latent appeal. The Usage and Attitude study, funded by Sport England, will provide additional information on the wider marketplace, targeting both the equestrian market, as well as those not currently engaged within equestrian sport.

To participate in the survey please visit:

The survey will close on 31 January 2017.