Youth Olympic Games 2014 - Day 6

19th Aug 2014

We have an update from Corinne Bracken and Jake Saywell out in Nanjing from their training day yesterday, competition starts today (19 August) with the team event, wishing all the riders the best of luck!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the no contact but there seems to be about 7000 people trying to use the internet all at the same time!!

Great official training today!!  Jake is “taming the beast”!! Leo was a little nervous going into the arena when he saw 1500 people sat watching him. Jake had 90 seconds in the ring to get him used to it. Sensibly he let him have a good look at the audience before he started and only jumped 5 fences, which he jumped very well. This was a major step forward and at last Leo seemed very relaxed with Jake. He is a very big powerful horse and has probably been very intimidating for some of his riders and handlers. He seems better day by day in himself , even if he is not the most talented!

Team day 1 is tomorrow, starting at 3.30 our time.

Europe were drawn 1st to go of 6 teams. We have 5 riders in each team with 3 scores counting in each round. The order to go is 1st Mathias (ITA), then Michael ( IRE) , Jake (GBR), Filip (SWE) and the Lisa (NED).  We will be hoping to be as close to the top as we can after day one.  The other teams are very confident after today, as are we, but tomorrow will be bigger, more technical and without doubt time will play a factor.

Early night now………. Wish us luck!!