Youth Olympic Games - Day 10

22nd Aug 2014

Hi everyone,

We have had one rest day and a training day since the team won their gold medal. A rest day consists of going to the venue on the bus, grooming and massaging Leo and then walking him for 45 minutes in hand. Once this is done he has his legs iced and then is walked again in the afternoon.

Today was a light flat work day but first we had the individual tot up and the draw. All the horses went through the trot up and then the riders pulled themselves out of a hat. Jake is 30th and last to go. The individual competition is 1.30m in the first round and although this is lower than we would normally jump it is not what these horses are used to jumping. I think the course will also be technical and hopefully will suit Jake.

Jake was approached by the media to ride in Google glasses today. This is an amazing piece of technology that when you nod it turns on, then you ask it to record, take a picture and various other things. It is the frame of a pair of glasses with a tiny piece of clear Perspex just in front of the right eye. This then records everything that you are seeing! We are still waiting to see the footage recorded.

Tomorrow is the first round of the individual starting at 3.30pm our time. Jake and Leo are forming a good partnership so fingers crossed and we will let you know how it goes!!