Youth Olympic Games - Day 11

23rd Aug 2014

As per normal now,  the horses were walked and iced this morning but indoors not outdoors. Why ….. because at 8.00 this morning it was 34 degrees !! It was so hot you could feel yourself breathing in hot air.

I returned to the village to meet Jake for lunch at 12.00, a quick bite to eat then on a bus.The food in the village to be honest all tastes the same even thigh they have tried to make it very varied. If you don’t eat rice you are in serious trouble and salad without a dressing tastes of absolutely nothing !!  But none of us though it would be a michelin level restaurant.

So once we were at the venue we had a picture taken for the FEI, all the riders together and then the trainers joined in. The riders then all received a pen, hat and headphones from John Roche on behalf of the FEI.

So next the course walk. Roll back turns and very square overs was the order of the day. A difficult last line, triple bar to vertical which rode a little short also looked to be an issue. Leo warmed up very well, Jake was riding brilliantly . We did have one little incident when the crowd clapped and a horse knocked an oxer down. I looked up to see Leo and Jake 20 foot in the air. I thought here we go again!! Please don’t let me have to pick him up on when he is dressed in his competition kit!!

Jake rode the best round he has ridden probably in his life for just 1 fence down. This puts him in 11th place overnight.  We have all worked out Leo is not the most talented but Jake is improving him day by day. If we could start next week we might jump a lot of clear rounds!!

I don’t think I have ever had a ground jury and a technical delegate come to me and say how well a rider has performed on a horse. They are full of praise for Jake and the way he has handled the horse. He was very naughty at the begining of the week but is improving day by day.

Tomorrow is the individual final. Jake will be trying to jump a clear round tomorrow, and we have had a word with Leo also !