Youth Olympic Games - Day 8

20th Aug 2014

A great day for equestrian sport and Team GB as Jake Saywell helped the European team competing out in Nanjing for the Youth Olympic Game collect a gold medal! Another great blog from Corinne Bracken after an exciting day in China!

Hi everyone!!

We came to defend our Olympic gold medal and we did just that!! It was a close competition today, there were many more clear rounds today than yesterday, the horses had got used to the crowd and the riders used to the horses.

Mathias (ITA) was our first rider and produced and foot perfect clear round, then Michael (IRE) copied him!! So two clear rounds with three team members to go! However South America also jumped two clears and we were only one fence ahead of them. Then it was Jakes turn. As you know by now his horse is not the easiest but we had a very good warm up. Jake jumped the most brilliant round on him just having the last fence down. So, that meant at worst we had won the gold or silver medal.

The next to go was Filip (SWE) on his older horse. This horse is 14 years old, a little stiff and not very forward going. So Filip canters in the ring, gives his horse a big kick and jumps a clear round !! Gold for Europe! Lisa (NED) also jumped a clear round but as it turned out even if we had to use Jakes score we would still have won the Gold medal. The riders were brilliant and worked very hard for each other. It was a fantastic competition and to see the riders on the podium wither medals is very special.

Tomorrow will be a light exercise day for them and then we are trying to meet the parents who are here before lunch. The individual starts on Saturday and we all start from zero faults.

So a great day, hot, humid but all of that forgotten when you see the riders with medals round their necks.