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Becky Moody  Becky Moody
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Becky Moody


I was born in Scotland, and as the youngest of 3 girls I was riding ponies pretty much before I could walk. I remember getting my first pony when I was 4, she was a 10.2 strawberry roan called Kelly and she was only 4 too, but she was an absolute legend. We did everything together - schooling in the garden, flying round cross country jumps in the field, lots of pony club stuff (except mounted games - I could never do that) cantering up and down the sand dunes at the beach... When I was 6 we moved down to Yorkshire where we have lived ever since. Over the next few years I had the amazing experience of riding lots of different ponies from fabulous schoolmasters to un-backed welshies that my sister Hannah and I tamed between us! I did all PC stuff - eventing, jumping, even swatting up once a year for the area quiz team #boffin. Dressage soon became my real passion though, partly because I had a pony that excelled at it and party because jumping big fences did a teeney weeney bit make me shit myself! But mostly I think it was because I loved the relationships I developed with my ponies and horses while we learned together, and I loved watching the top level dressage - to me it really is an art - its beautiful.

At school I was the sad kid that did her homework during lunch hour so that I had more time when I got home to ride all my ponies 😂 My mum and dad got exceptionally good at coming up with excuses about why I would not be in school, until eventually they just started telling the truth - 'Becky will unfortunately be missing Biology on Friday afternoon as we have to travel VERY FAR DOWN SOUTH to compete in a selection trial' How I managed to get an A in my GCSE biology still amazes me as I think I probably only went to about 1/2 my lessons.The rest of my family are all pretty academic - my dad went to Oxford, my mum was a teacher, both my older sisters went to uni - so when I said i wanted to leave school after my GCSE's I didn't know what they would think... In fact they were incredibly supportive. I got good grades, and the deal was that I could always go to night school or back into education if I wanted at any point. My eldest sister Hannah was back from uni in London and was working with horses full time, so we continued to develop the business together.

We now have a lovely yard with 30 stables, an awesome group of staff and wonderful clients. We both earn our living primarily through teaching, some at home and some at clinics all over the country. I spend a lot of time driving and the last few years I have become a MASSIVE audio book fan. Occasionally I download something exceedingly deep and intellectual, but mostly I listen to good thrillers and 'young adult' writers like Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games) or Liegh Bardugo - classic escapism literature.

Life for me is a 6.5 day working week if I'm lucky - 7 days if I'm competing. Its manic but I love it. Living on site however does make time off tricky, so now I try to get away for a few days every so often to have some down time. Away from work I love spending time with my family and friends. My other sister lives in Cornwall so that's a pretty cool place to escape to.... Chill time is occasionally binge watching a good box set (currently preparing for Stranger Things season 3!) reading a good book, or walking up a mountain - you cant beat the feeling of getting to the top (first)!

Back in the day I rode on 5 Under 21 European Championship teams, winning 2 team Bronze Medals and finishing the highest placed British rider in my last 2 years as a Young Rider. I have won numerous Regional titles and 17 National Championship titles from Young Horse classes through to the Inter 2. In 2017 I was 4th in the Grand Prix National Championship.

Carinsio - aka Jackjack is my current top horse. He is owned by Julie Lockey (who bought him as a yearling) and my parents Anne and Patrick Moody. He is by Painted Black out of a Beaujolais mare. I have ridden him since he was 3 years old and he has had an incredibly successful career from 4 year old classes through to Grand Prix. He is an ABSOLUTE softie on the yard - loves cuddles with everyone. He hasnt always been the most straightforward - he has a fantastic work ethic when he has plenty to think about, but there was a period where walking was just WAY TOO BORING and we had to make our own entertainment 🙄 He has certainly helped me develop both my stickability and my skill set as a rider....

Full Fusion BS was bred by Julie Lockey, who still owns her along with my sister Hannah. She is out of a Mooiman mare by Blue Hors Zack. Hannah rode her until 2018 and then I managed to successfully steal the ride when Han decided she really wasn't enjoying the competing side of things very much. She is a super mare, and although she initially found the Grand Prix work very tricky she is really starting to get the gist now and I think she will be a fab horse in another year or 2.

Eureko is owned by Jo Cooper. He is a 10 year old by Uphill out of a Cabouchon mare. Jo bought him when he was 5 for her to ride and compete, however, luckily for me she has a crazy hectic job (currently in Madrid) so I get to steal him some of the time! He copes incredibly well with me riding him a couple of times during the week and then Jo riding him whenever she is home. Bert's ideal life would absolutely be SLEEP. EAT IN STABLE. EAT IN FIELD. REPEAT. He thinks that 5 minutes work is more than enough, and anything beyond that is, quite frankly, unreasonable. He has a heart of gold though, and on an energetic day he can take on the world....

Odwig's Echo, or 'The Cow Pony' is my socail media top scorer! Everyone loves him, I think because he is a relatively unflashy horse with a heart of gold. He lets you train him and present a very correct test, and gives people hope that they can do it with their horses who are more like him. He was bred by Lucy Swinden who stills owns him, and rides and competes him as well when she isnt busy doing breeding if her own!  Despite having an aversion to bending his knees (something that is better to have than not in this crazy thing we do) I think perhaps I have nearly taught him to passage and he might just go Grand Prix after all! If you hadn't guessed it from his nick name - he is brown and white, and his favourite pastime (especially at shows) is lying in shit. EVERYWHERE. All over. Both sides. Face. Elbows. Tummy. Literally  everywhere. I don't know how he even does it.

Heavenly Kiss BS (The Hectorsaurus/Hector) was also bred by Julie and is now owned by Julie and myself. He is actually part dinosaur and at well over 18hands he is defo the biggest horse on the yard. He is a total sweety, but at only 7 years old and with his size he still has lots of strengthening up to do. He shows lots of ability for the harder work though, so again I think a couple more years could have him looking pretty snazzy. His claim to fame is that as a 5 year old he beat Charlotte Dujardin in the Novice at the Winter National Championships - one of a very VERY short list of horses to have done this 💪

Famke PF (Iris) James Bond (Q or Stud Muffin) and Jack Diamond (legs) are all owned by Jo Cooper and Pat and David Webster. Iris is 9 and the others are both 5, and they are 3 of the most exciting horses I have ever ridden. Iris will go Grand Prix next year, and whilst the other 2 have many years of training ahead I have high hopes for them both.

Finally there is Jagerbomb or Bomb to his friends. He is also 5, by Dante Weltino out of a Jazz mare of mine who sadly injured herself in a way that finished her ridden career when she was just about ready for Grand Prix. Bomb is not the most extravagant horse in the world but he is SUCH a babe He has the most fantastic brain - he learns things incredibly easily and is just a cutie to have around - he is defo the one I would take to the beach or go galloping around on, or put anyone else on for that matter.... People will laugh but I think he might just end up being one of the best Grand Prix horses I will have....