Anna Power

Anna Power  Anna Power
Rider Anna Power
D.O.B Unknown
Lives North Somerset

Blazer B 





Anna Power


Although the horses (happily) take up the vast majority of my life, I do have a newly found love for everything gym related, I swim several times a week, gym sessions on the days I dont swim and at least twice a week I'm a sweaty mess in circuit classes (FYI it has a very positive impact on your riding!)

I love to cook (I also love to eat) I love to come in from the stables to some home cooked food, I could tell you it's healthy etc and that's why I do it.... but in truth I just love to eat good food. 

My dog Winner is my constant companion on the yard, she spends all day by my side, occasionally chasing the horses in the paddocks or barking at the birds that happen to fly over the arena.


Blazer B - Full of character and part of the family! I have owned Mr B for 8 years and have produced him from a young horse. He is very cheeky and knows he is the boss of the Yard. Fun fact... he is the only horse i have ever owned that doesn't like Polo's!

Tahiclaud - A very handsome stallion, owned for 5 years. He doesn't behave like a stallion, he goes out in the Paddock everyday and lives like a normal gelding. Endless scope and power I have high hopes with this horse in the coming years.

Edison - Owned by Bina Ford, he is my smallest horse, he may be little but he's incredibly powerful and the fastest of my horses. Eddie has been with me 4 years.

Cataquack - A new addition to my stables. Quack has a style of his own, he is very loveable and enjoys having cuddles and attention.  

Solomon - The youngest horse i have at just 5 but I have huge hopes for the future with him. Solly has wonderful natural balance and ability. I think he could be a good Team horse for GBR one day!