Harriet Nuttall

Harriet Nuttall  Harriet Nuttall
Rider Harriet Nuttall
D.O.B Unknown
Lives Queen Camel

A Touch Imperious 

Galway Bay Jed

Silver Lift

Harriet Nuttall


I have been lucky enough to be born into a horsey family. My Father (Rupert) was a showjumper and then an Amateur Jockey. I have also recently got married to a jockey (Will Biddick) who has been National Amateur Champion for many seasons, and runs a very successful business doing pre-trainers and breakers.


I have always had a passion for horses, getting up early before school, alongside many other sports like Squash, athletics, hockey, exams always came last on my list!

We are a family run business which is never easy working alongside parents every day, but we get through it most days! I have been lucky enough to produce most of my horses from a young age.

A Touch Imperious (Henry) is now 15 and I have had him for 10 years, he is now part of the furniture! when Henry was younger he was the hardest project I have ever had. Being the best part of 17 hands as a 5 year old he was very opinionated and never made my life easy but he also taught me a lot about building a partnership with a horse. Having started at county shows and 3* Nation Cup, he has now taken me to 5* Nation Cups, 3rd in a 5* Grand prix and to the Nation Cup Final in Barcelona. He also has the most ridiculous record around the Hickstead Derby, being 2nd 4 times  and jumping clear twice! He is my world!

Galway Bay Jed- is another of my team. Also competed on a 5* Nation Cup team and he won the Hickstead Queen Elizabeth Cup. Much more of a simple type to ride and has become very fast in the jump off, being 2nd in the 4* GP at liverpool Horse show and the winner of the speed the first day.

Silver Lift- we have also had for many years, being bought for my sister as her first horse. We soon realised how talented fast he was and has gone on to win the Hickstead Spead Derdy twice, and many other speed classes.

Carla X and Forest Quality are among many other young horses coming up through the system nicely, so looking forward to there bright futures.


Being busy Showjumping a lot of the year it is very hard to find free time to do something different, but Will and I do manage to sneak down to Cornwall most summers to do a bit of cycling and water sports. We lead a very active life so it isnt easy for us to sit down for too long!