Marcelle Ward

Marcelle Ward  Marcelle Ward
Rider Marcelle Ward
D.O.B Unknown
Lives Chichester
Marcelle Ward


It was quite late in life when I was diagnosed with congenital bilateral hip dysplasia with very shallow sockets so unfortunately, I was then too old to have a pelvic osteotomy and joint damage had already progressed. I was originally classified as a grade V and started my Para equestrian journey in 2014. In 2016 I was reclassified to a grade IV with an additional diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis -this was discovered after more tests when I thought my carpel tunnel surgery hadn’t worked and the joints in my fingers where changing with a reduction in my dexterity and grip. I had also undergone two lots of hip surgery to date which relived pain, but range of movement had deteriorated.  Since being a grade IV, I have continued to work hard at progressing myself as a rider and now also as a coach qualifying for my UKCC. The dream now is to go on and win a medal and, on my journey, inspire and mentor other riders.

I also work as a site nurse practitioner in a local hospital which I do on my mobility scooter. I am lucky these doesn’t stop me from riding and coaching which I mainly do from home. At home I have my own yard so super lucky I don’t have to travel. Two of my horses are home bred but all of them are home produced and I am extremely proud to say this.

In 2017 I was selected for the BEF excel talent program and this year selected for the new world class podium potential pathway. I thoroughly enjoy these squad sessions and gain so much from them. They open opportunities to unlock our full potential looking at every aspect of our performance. This is also where I met my current trainer Tanya Larrigan. She has a natural empathy with the horses and can see that although my mare is super talented, she is equally sensitive and can get the best out of us both.

Away from horses I like to watch movies at home cuddled up on the Sofa under a blanket with my husband and our two staffy’s sometimes indulging in a bit of chocolate. I am slightly strange in that I don’t really enjoy the taste of alcohol so a coke zero is my choice of beverage or chocolate milk shake. I am in general a bubbly friendly person and what you see is what you get.



AKA Pumpkin/Briar 16’1 Oldenburg, out of my own Rosenchnee  (Royal diamond) and by De Niro. Pumpkin is my first home bred and produced horse. She is super talented and with out a doubt a proper diva. When I say this, I don’t just mean dressage diva I mean diva in every way. It is definitely her stable and you are welcomed in if baring gifts only. Her favourite being a banana, or she will pull you in only to scratch her. She has a great work ethic and tries her very best despite being on the sharper side. Our first international competition abroad together at Waregem saw us in 3rd. She is not a lover of hacking if it involves roads but really enjoys the beach and is first in the water. After every away show she trots to her mum’s stable for a neck scratch.


AKA Rodney. 16’ KWPN purchased as a three-year-old Rodney has fondly been given his name after the TV series only fools and horses as we were often heard calling him a plonker. Tim nice but dim may have also been appropriate but as time has progressed to start his ridden career, he has shown to have a lot more brain power than first thought. Rodney is always starving and performs a dance at mealtimes normally on two legs. His favourite food is everything in large amounts. He is super clean in his box and will pooh in the same place, so you arrive to one large mound each morning.  He is less clean with his water and dunks hay every night blocking his self-filling bowl. Rodney to date has only done one novice test but shows huge potential at his young age of 6 later this year.

Diamond Dreams

AKA Dreamy 3 this year a full sibling colt to Dornroeschen one for the future


AKA Rosie 16’1 Hanoverian by Royal diamond mother of Dornroeschen and Diamond dreams. Family favourite happily hacks out with my husband that isn’t a rider. A real lady to have around and super school mistress. No longer competing at international level because she doesn’t need to.